woensdag 16 oktober 2013

New York

Now, New York certainly grows on you! That is a fact. After some days walking around like a marathon man, but in a slow tempo and with a lot of blisters, I learn to like this city. Of course, It didn't happen just like that. At first I got unpleasantly surprised by so much bling bling. Times Square is without a doubt a place not to be for me. But there are many things about New York which made me like it. I will just name one or five: (what I really miss in the Netherlands)
  • I've never seen so many nationalities in one place and above that I've never heard so many languages in one place. The beautiful thing about all these languages is that everybody can speak his language freely without being judged by others. Nobody looks annoyed en nobody complains why you don’t speak English. 
  • Despite of so many differences, there is so much solidarity among people. The ‘WE’ feeling is enormous. 
  • People are so polite and so helpful, even the grumpy bus drivers! 
  • The restrooms in restaurants and cafes are so big, you can take your whole family with you. But no kidding, they are spacious and nine out of ten clean.
  • The poets have their own home in the heart of financial district! 

I can go on, but may be some other time. One thing New York should learn asap is: Making good coffee. In the past days we threw away some liters of coffee, because it was just not drinkable. It goes for many Starbucks too.  Bean&Bean is the only place we had a real cop of cappuccino.