woensdag 14 december 2011


You have heard of them: The Ghostwriters. Writers, who get paid to write your books, stories, reports and articles. And here we are, the Ghostfilmers! Filmers who have the skills and know how to film your stories. 

Reasons why you should use Ghostfilmers

  • Having the chance to tell you story on your own way.

  • Having the opportunity to leave your own filmic legacy, without it looking like a crappy homemovie shot on a digital pocketcamera.

  • Showing off to your friends and family and impress the hell out of them with your professional film. 

  • Getting something different. We think outside the box.

  • Incorporating your hobby into your film? We can do that. Even if it’s linedancing, scrapbooking, needlepoint, or Klingon opera.

  • Always wanted to, but never knew how. Or if you knew how, you never knew when. And if you knew when, you didn’t know where to start. Now you do. We’re here for you.

Why us?

o   We have the knowhow. We are all passionate professionals in the industry; graduates of different film schools or business studies. Tap into our great minds.

o   We have the skills to make a professional film. Professional camera operators and sound people, professional editors, producers, directors and production assistants. And of course the back office: marketing and publicity. No need to threaten your poor unwilling kids or employers.

o   We have the material to make a professional film. Professional cameras and microphones, professional editing studio, and an office with lots of room for meetings, laptops and most importantly: coffee and Easter eggs every day of the year.

o   We have the network to make your film. And even though we’re not in the ‘in-crowd’, we have a vast network of peers who love to donate their time and efforts to making beautiful films. And we have the dirt on them to make them help us…

o   We don’t have an alterior motive. We’re not looking to grow rich of your stories. We just want to tell beautiful, personal stories. Not everything is about making money.

o   Just because we’re awesome! Period.

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